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Liquid / Gas Medium

Selection of appropriate leak detectors based on the stored/transported liquid/gas.

When selecting a suitable leak detector to the respective bearing fluid following features of the stored liquid are to be observed:

  • Classification into water hazard classes: WHC Class I, WHC Class II, or WHC Class III
  • Flash Point, - with a flash point < 55°C, additionally the temperature class and the explosion group are to be considered.
  • Density of the stored liquid, since it determines the selection of container as well as the required switching point of the leak detector alarm.


In addition to consider when using vacuum leak detectors:

  • The viscosity of the bearing fluid may not exceed 5,000 mm²/s, otherwise the function of the vacuum leak detector can not be guaranteed.
  • The leak detector and the connecting pipelines must be tested for resistance against the fluid to be stored/pumped.
  • The suitability/stability of vacuum leak detectors to the liquids to be stored/pumped can be looked up in the list of substances of the respective leak detector. If a suitable leak detector for your storage/conveying liquid can not be determined this way, please contact the manufacturer. If necessary, a leak detector in stainless steel must be used. For this, the resistance according to the DIN6601 (positive list) Table 2, material 1.4571 must be double checked.


In addition to consider when using pressure leak detectors with pump:

  • In case of a leakage the possible reaction behavior caused by the monitoring media of the leak detector (ambient air) with the storage medium must be observed. If necessary, a leak detector with the monitoring medium nitrogen must be used.
  • For flammable liquids with flash point < 55°C, the corresponding explosion protection measures must be adhered to.


Please choose:

R34_flamme_x Liquids/flammable liquids with a flash point > 55°C


D9_flamme Flammable or highly flammable liquids with a flash point < 55°C


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