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  • The leak detector with an explosion protected housing bottom can be used on double-walled tanks with a suction line down to the vessel bottom.
  • The leak detector can also be used to monitor single-walled tanks with a leak protection lining, if this is approved for the values noted below.
  • For monitoring of water-polluting liquids and flammable liquids with a flash point < 55°C, the explosion group IIA (IIB as an option) and the temperature class T4 are assigned.
  • The storage medium may only have the density allowed for the container type.

The leak detector must be mounted outside the hazardous area (ex-zone)!


V90ExHOperating Conditions

  • Approved leak protection lining with general building inspectorate approval.
  • No leak detection fluid is allowed in the interstitial space.
  • Compliance with the relevant explosion protection guidelines for liquids with flash point < 55°C
  • The leak detector must be mounted outside the hazardous area (ex-zone)!



  • Mounting Kits (MBS) for connection to containers.
  • For the extended field of application, these leak detectors are built alternatively in stainless steel.



  • Partially explosion protected leak detector on the vacuum principle, with integrated vacuum pump, consisting of:
  • Combined with a housing upper part (SK) and bottom (AK). Within the cluster housing, the ex-zone separation was made, so that the leak detector is suitable for the control of flammable liquids.
  • With built-in potential-free relay.
  • In the lower part of the housing a detonation fuse is fitted in the intake and exhaust pipe by standard.


V90ExH-2Operating vacuum:

in the interstitial space

max. -80 mbar +/- 5 mbar

Switching values: relative pressure

Alarm ON PAE = -34 +0/-10 mbar

Pump OFF PPA = -80 +/-5 mbar

For further data please see the data sheet of the V90 N leak detector.


Mounting Examples

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ASF pdfInstallation and Operation Manual V90 Variante N

ASF pdfData Sheet V90 Variante N

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